Guide to Navigating the Yahoo Website

As it is widely known, Yahoo is not just a provider of email services, but it can boast a highly functional Yahoo website, full of any kind of information you may need.


Indeed, you can get informed about the latest events and other important information by simply visiting only this website. In order to give you more understanding about how to use the Yahoo website properly, we have created this guide that will show you where and which information you are able to find. Just read the guide through and find the info you need it without making much of an effort!

yahoo website

This is the appearance of the main page of the Yahoo website

  • At first, you need to open the browser and go to the Yahoo website:
  • Once you have entered the main page of Yahoo, let’s see what can you find there. At the top, you will get to see a short line with text buttons, where you can access such services as Yahoo Mail, Tumblr, Flickr, Answers (where users post and answer various questions), Groups (where you can meet up with people with interests similar to yours), and a handful of other services.

navigate yahoo website

By scrolling down, you will get to see an endless length of news

  • A bit below, you will get to see the search field. To the right side from that field, there are email buttons that you can use for signing in to Yahoo Mail. Below those buttons, there is a bar of the trending (most popular) news right now. Click on the respective news, and you will get to see the latest news about that topic. Scroll down a bit, and you will see a weather widget for your location.

yahoo website navigate

This way looks the page of Yahoo Finance, providing you any data you might need

  • In the center of the page, however, you will get to see just the news. By scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you will get to see more and more news (the higher the news are placed, the more recent they are).

navigating yahoo website

Apart from the page of finance, there are many more categories of news and information that you may take advantage of

  • On the left, you will get to see a menu of Yahoo, with the help of which you can easily navigate the website. Apart from categories of news (such as finance, politics, etc.) and the button of Yahoo mail (the first one), there are such services like Fantasy Football. You can sign up for that service and compose your teams, make forecasts for the actual football season, etc. Also, you can find more useful services and features by clicking on the “…More” button in the menu. After doing so, you will get to see a couple of categories more and “More on Yahoo.” Click on the “More on Yahoo” and get to discover all of the pages and apps that this service offers.

If you still have not signed up for Yahoo, use our Create New Account Yahoo, Yahoo Sign In, and Yahoo Sign Up guides and join this marvelous service right now!