Improve Your Yahoo Account Safety

The issue of your Yahoo account safety is, indeed, of a significant importance, and you are able to strengthen it by manipulating your settings a bit.


There are different aspects of security of your Yahoo account: one feature allows you to avoid tons of spam flowing to your email address, whereas the other one obliges you to use a verification code each time you log in to your Yahoo account. Skip your worries, since there is nothing difficult. Just follow the guidelines that are published below.

yahoo account safety

Prior to enhancing the Yahoo account safety, you need to log in to your account

  • Start the process of enhancing the security of your Yahoo account by going to its website:

yahoo account security

In order to sign in, you need to type your Yahoo email address

  • On the main page of this internet portal, find the “Sign in” button and give it a click.

yahoo account

Click on the mail button for accessing your Yahoo account

  • Then, use your email address and the password in order to sign in to the system.

security yahoo account

By opening the window of settings, you are able to start the process of enhancing your Yahoo account safety

  • You will get redirected to Yahoo’s main page after getting logged in, and so you have to click on the mail button, placed in the right-upper corner as well.

safety yahoo account

These are some of the security settings of your account

  • In the right-upper part of the page, find the button of settings. Click on it and trigger a pop-up menu. In the menu, select “Settings.”

improve yahoo account safety

Disposable addresses are a great means of fighting against spam

  • You will get to see the window of settings. In that window, you will see a menu of settings in the left. Go to the security section.
  • There, you can arrange some of the security settings. The first setting allows or does not allow to display images in the letters. In the second field, you can specify how often spam should be deleted. And the third setting allows you to create disposable addresses. A disposable address looks like Creating such addresses allows you to get letters by providing such an address, yet get rid of this address when the spam will start arriving to it. Indeed, a really useful feature.

enhance yahoo account safety

Go to the Account info page in order to improve the Yahoo account safety

  • Near the settings button, click on the button of your profile and select “Account Info” in the pop-up menu. On the left, there will be a menu. Click on “Account security.”

strengthen yahoo account safety

On this page, you are able to switch on some of the security features

  • On the account security page, you can enhance the safety of your account. Actually, you do it by such actions: changing the password from time to time, adding a recovery email address, and turning the two-step verification on. Just click on the respective text button and follow the instructions on the page.

If you have any problems with joining Yahoo, visit our Create New Account Yahoo, Yahoo Sign In, and Yahoo Sign Up pages.