The Service of Yahoo Answers and How to Use It

Yahoo, apart from its service of mail, also offers many useful services, such as Flickr, Tumblr, news feed, and many more. One of the useful services you may want to take advantage of is the service of Yahoo Answers, which allows you to find answers to certain questions which you can’t google (or it’s hard … Read more

How to Manage Your Yahoo Calendar

Yahoo provides its users with a large number of customizable tools, which allow them to manage their time, schedules, and events. Yahoo Calendar is indeed a very comfortable feature, and you can access it every time when entering your inbox. By opening the calendar, you can see all the events or things to do that … Read more

Linking Yahoo Account to the Accounts in Social Networks

Apart from all other Yahoo features, there is a possibility to link your Yahoo account to your accounts in social networks. In particular, it is going about Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which are considered to be the most popular social networks. Yahoo has made the procedure of linking the account to other accounts as simple … Read more

How to Protect Your Yahoo Account: Useful Recommendations

The latest massive breach of data at Yahoo reportedly affected more than 3 billion of accounts. Such a huge hack attack – one of the largest in the history of the internet – has led to the fall of the acquisition price of Yahoo. Actually, anyone who had an account on Yahoo in 2013 could … Read more

Signing Out of Your Yahoo Account on Other Devices

Yahoo is, indeed, a very popular mail service, which is comfortable to use on mobile devices, tablets, and so on. Yet, if you have a feeling that somebody has obtained access to your account and is using it, you may have a need to make him/her sign out before you will actually change the password. … Read more