How to Protect Your Yahoo Account: Useful Recommendations

The latest massive breach of data at Yahoo reportedly affected more than 3 billion of accounts. Such a huge hack attack – one of the largest in the history of the internet – has led to the fall of the acquisition price of Yahoo. Actually, anyone who had an account on Yahoo in 2013 could potentially be a victim of the massive hack attack. Previously, Yahoo said that more than a billion accounts were affected by a massive hack attack. Now, however, Yahoo stated that all the accounts existing since 2013 were affected by the attack, and the number of such accounts exceeds 3 billion. In this article, we will also show you how to protect your Yahoo account.


In view of all the above written, Yahoo came up with a statement about the necessary steps one should make in order to protect one’s account. At least those basic recommendations should be followed by you. However, we will provide a couple of more advanced tips on how to protect your Yahoo account.

How to Protect Your Yahoo Account

By following the recommendations provided in this article, you can avoid a great deal of headache and issues

Don’t reuse your password. Ever. Today, the technologies play a crucial role in our lives, and every app or service requires a password. However, you should never resort to using the same password for more than one service. Also, never change a password for the one you had before. If you have a problem with memorizing the password, you should utilize passphrases, i.e. sentences compiled of numbers, letters, and punctuation symbols.

Don’t forget to clean your mail. The majority of the email services provide users with as much space for storing their letters as they need. If your account gets hacked, however, it would be easier for the hackers to find out which services your email is linked to. So, never forget about cleaning your mail from the letters you don’t need anymore.

Check your settings of forwarding and replying. The forwarding settings are something you have configured once and forgotten forever – that’s what the hackers count on. Once the hackers have gained access to your account, all they need to do is to configure the forwarding settings the way that every letter you send or receive will be forwarded to their email address. Besides, you should also check the “reply to” settings – though, the hackers tend to favor the forwarding method, since it is more difficult for the user to notice the trick.

The two-factor authentication should be a must for you in every service. This recommendation for how to protect your Yahoo account seems to be quite obvious, yet many users really hate the two-factor authentication. Who would bother oneself with a need to use the phone number every time you try to log in a specific service? Well, the recommendation is the following one: try to enter the service less frequently, but with the use of this very useful feature.