Review of the Best Android Apps from Yahoo

Yahoo is a fairly agreeable provider of email services, and it had developed an Android app that allows you to manage your Yahoo email inbox conveniently. Yet, there are also a number of apps, developed by Yahoo, that are worth your attention and able to bring a lot of benefits to you. You can get to know all you need about those Android apps from Yahoo by viewing the review below. Be sure that you will be able to enhance your smartphone with a couple of extremely useful apps!


Android apps from Yahoo

This is a list of the Android apps developed by Yahoo

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Android Apps

Yahoo Weather allows you to get notified about the weather anytime for any place

Yahoo Weather is amazing Android app – in fact, it is one of the best weather forecast apps – that allows you to get notified about the weather in the cities you chose. What strikes the eye first is the amazing design of the app, and you get to see beautiful animations when you select a certain city to see the weather. Apart from it, this app is also a great weather app due to the lots of information it offers: it not just offers the temperature and weather forecast for 5 days for each chosen city, but also provides you with such data like humidity, visibility, wind, precipitation, and even the map of the city. Though there is one drawback – ads can be really annoying sometimes.

Yahoo Messenger

yahoo apps for Android

Yahoo Messenger is, indeed, one of Yahoo’s most excellent apps

In order to get started on this app, you need a Yahoo account. This app actually allows you to stay connected with your friends and communicate via your Yahoo account. Even though there are lots of other messengers, this one may stand in good stead too.

Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo apps

Yahoo News Digest is the app that brings you the freshest news

With the help of this app, you can get informed about the most important issues. Indeed, this app is able to boast a high-quality content, which is also fresh at the same time. There are different categories of content in this app, such as US News, Politics, World, Entertainment, Celebrity, Sports, Technology, and Business.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Yahoo applications

This is the only launcher app out of the list of Android apps from Yahoo

Aviate is an app-launcher from Yahoo that promises to bring you a better experience of using your smartphone. Indeed, you can feel quite comfortable and navigate your phone easier after using this launcher for some time. Yet, many users lament that it becomes fairly unusual to use another launcher. But if you are ok with it, give this launcher a try.


Yahoo Android Applications

Flickr is a social network for sharing photos

Flickr is essentially a social network (from Yahoo) that allows its users to share photos between each other and rate them. Millions and million of users across the globe use this app, and it allows you to view quite large streams of photos.

 Yahoo Sports

Android applications from Yahoo

This is perhaps one of the best Android apps from Yahoo, allowing you to get informed about all sport events

Another app in the list of Android apps from Yahoo which is created to satisfy the needs of the sport maniacs. Indeed, this list includes all types of championships in the following types of sports: football, basketball, racing, cricket, rugby, tennis, and golf. You get not only the latest score and information about the games, but also rumors, news, and other content. This app is a must for the real fans of sports.

 Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Yahoo applications for Android

Join and build your fantasy sports team

Make your forecasts for games in such types of sports like football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. Form your teams and make it to the win. Though, you have to get registered in Yahoo or sign in with the account you already have.