The Service of Yahoo Answers and How to Use It

Yahoo, apart from its service of mail, also offers many useful services, such as Flickr, Tumblr, news feed, and many more. One of the useful services you may want to take advantage of is the service of Yahoo Answers, which allows you to find answers to certain questions which you can’t google (or it’s hard to google them). You can also help other people with finding answers to various questions, and the answers are typically rated with “likes” and “dislikes” by other users. Also, there is a section for discussions. So if you want to explore how this service works, have a look at the guide, published below.


yahoo answers

First of all, get to enter your Yahoo account

services yahoo answers

After providing the login to your Yahoo account, click on “Next”

  • In the right-upper corner, you should spot the “Sign in” button. Click on it.

answers on yahoo

You need to type the password in the given field and click on “Sign in”

  • After doing so, enter your login on the next page. Click on “Next.”

discussions on yahoo

Give a click to the “Mail” button in order to access the service of Yahoo Answers

  • Proceed further by providing your password and clicking on “Sign in.”

yahoo discussions

You can access the service of Yahoo Answers by giving a click to this text button, located at the top of your inbox

  • You will get to see the main page of Yahoo again, where you should click on the “Mail” button.

yahoo threads

This way looks the page of discussions on various topics at Yahoo Answers

  • Following it, you will access your Yahoo inbox. At the very top of it, you will see a tiny menu with Yahoo services. There, you should select “Answers.”

topics on yahoo

Here, people ask and get answers to questions

  • Once you have done that, you will get to see the page with discussions. On the provided screenshot, for example, you can see a very active discussion “SHOULD DONALD TRUMP be IMPEACHED” with 620 answers. If you want to participate in any of the discussions you like, just click on it and write your answer.

yahoo topics

If you need to find out something, you can post a question by writing it in this form and clicking on “Submit”

  • On the other hand, you should click on “Answer” instead of “Discover”, if you want to help users with finding answers to various questions. There, users post their questions (for example: “Who invented the fiber-optic cable”) and other users answer to them. The best answer is displayed by default. In the given example, the best answer is “Computer Networking.” If you want to submit your answer, you should write in the field with text “Be the first one to answer.” You can also like or dislike the answers of others.
  • If you want to submit your own question or start a discussion, write the question in the box, placed on the right side of the page. Click on “Submit.” After doing so, your question will be published.