What Are the Recently Introduced Features of Yahoo Mail App

Yahoo has recently introduced a number of useful features to its Yahoo mail app for both Android and iOS, making its mail even friendlier to mobile devices. In particular, the company is trying to engage even more users and make them use its app by allowing to use it with any email addresses, but not only Yahoo. The announcement about the last rollout of significant updates has been published on the company’s blog on Tumblr, another service owned by Yahoo.


As for the present time, the Yahoo mail app has over 100 million installs on Android devices (click here for downloading the app for your Android device) and a large yet unknown number installs on iOS gadgets (if you want to download the app on your device, this link will help you). However, the number of only app’s ratings exceeds 112 thousand in the App Store.

yahoo mail app

Yahoo has introduced a pretty decent number of useful features to its Yahoo mail app, and this article will provide you some insight regarding this issue

So, what’s new has been introduced by the team of Yahoo? First of all, it is a possibility to use the Yahoo mail app with other email addresses, which attracts many users – especially those ones who are dissatisfied with the app client from Outlook. Now, users who find the Yahoo app more comfortable for sending emails and messages are likely to flock to using it. In order to use your email on Yahoo, you need to select the email service provider of yours, create a Yahoo account with the email address you have, and allow the Yahoo app to synchronize your messages. Once you have done that, you can enjoy a completely different experience of using your inbox on a mobile device (this article will help you find out how to use your Yahoo mail on Android).

Other newly introduced Yahoo features include a possibility of a secure, password-free log in, management of multiple inbox (including emails from such email service providers like AOL, Hotmail, Outlook.com, or Gmail), and personalized themes. Perhaps, Yahoo is one of the few apps (if not the only) that allows customizing the inbox and making use of personalized themes not only on the web client, but also on mobile devices as well.

The feature of Contacts also got a bit updated, as the app import profile photos from social networks of each contact and detects all email address and phone numbers of every contact, making it easier to communicate with each person. The application from Yahoo is also arranged by default the way that you will receive notifications only when people mail you, but not when you receive newsletters or letters from companies.

The other features of the Yahoo mail app include the relevant, actual search results (you need to enter a keyword in order to find the letter you are looking for) and customizable swipes. Actually, you can customize the swipes the way that, for example, you will delete a letter if you swipe to the left, etc.

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