Yahoo Mail Update Has Been Rolled Out

After Verizon purchased Yahoo recently, the company came out with a rebuilt and redesigned version of its mail app. As for the present time, there are more than 225 million active users of Yahoo mail. This comprehensive Yahoo mail update comprises a large number of novelties, including a new set of features, technology stack, new design, and a new subscription plan for mobile and desktop users known as Yahoo Mail Pro. Obviously, this all was done with the goal of returning Yahoo to the profitable stance, as the company was bringing losses for quite  a lengthy period of time.


This novelty is a part of a larger shift in the policy of Yahoo under its new parent company Oath, which also owns AOL (which, in turn, owns TechCrunch) and belongs to Verizon. Even though this Yahoo mail update with its comprehensive redesign and overhaul seems to be a much better-functioning, nicer-looking version than its predecessor, IT experts doubt about the ability of Yahoo to attract new users to its email service. The ground for such doubts is the two massive breaches of the Yahoo mail security, which placed under threat more than a billion users. That has led to the acquisition price to be lowered from $4.83 billion up to $4.5 billion.

Email service is a place where a person carries out all necessary operations in terms of life and business, and massive amounts of sensitive private and personal information are typically stored on such services. The two massive leaks of Yahoo emails do not make this email service provider seem credible – especially considering that those leaks were among the largest in the history of the internet. At the same time, Gmail, a product of Google, has recently achieved the number of active users to be 1 billion, and such news from Yahoo may make Gmail to be an unconditional, market-dominating power.

yahoo mail update

In regards to the Yahoo mail update, there are three most important changes in the company’s application. The first change is the rebuilt front-end part of the application, as the Yahoo mail app now appears to use open-source technologies like Node.js, Redux, and React. Obviously, the goal of the developers was to make an application that is easy and fast to launch, instead of a slow app that we experienced before. The company now says that the revamp helped to decrease the use of CSS and JavaScript by 50%, which means that the app will load much faster.

In addition to that, the new Yahoo mail update made it easier to find the photos and documents, as users can easily find them in the left part of the screen. Rich previews and the search mode also made this email service to be far more user-friendly. The major change that cannot be omitted is the introduction of the Yahoo Mail Pro, a paid, ad-free version of this email service. There are two options one may pay for this app: monthly and annual subscription.